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Our Story

What makes a great perfume? And why are perfumes so expensive? These questions were something JYCTY founder and perfumer thought about frequently over the years. Fragrance has such a positive effect on people. It can lift their mood, make them feel confident and sexy in an instant. It can create a new memory or relive a past one in a moment. It allows us to express our style and individuality in a unique and personal way. These powers of a great perfume should be available to all.

So why are so many designer scents out of reach for most of us. The price of the world’s luxurious and brand-name scents can be simply outrageous. While the leading perfume houses may use expensive and rare ingredients, the mark-up on each bottle is excessive.

At JYCTY we love using natural ingredients. Natural ingredients offer an olfactory experience far more complex and interesting than just using synthetics. Natural ingredients will also last less time than synthetic ingredients. Our aim at JYCTY is to create a perfume of unique style and complexity while lasting as long as possible. 

Having sold perfume oils in Toronto's craft markets for some time, Jayson listened carefully and learned from his customers/clients. He understands what they are looking for and a great scent is just the beginning.

To create a quality product that connects with what you care about today, Jayson realized he needed to:

  • Make Originals and Impressions perfume oils that smell great and are made for your skin.
  • Find a way to make perfumes last longer while using natural and sustainable ingredients
  • Make sure the price was within reach of more perfume lovers

He created oil-based, roll-on perfumes in impressions of some of the world's most famous scents, unique originals, and is now launching spray perfumes  using responsibly sourced, high-quality essential oils, absolutes, resins, and natural isolates.

Whether you're buying for yourself or for someone else, we have many options to choose from. We also have gift cards available if you don’t know what to get so they can choose what they want.


Our Collections

Our range of roll-on perfume oils come in two distinct collections.

Our Originals Collection features diverse offerings from across the fragrance wheel. Perfume oils with notes of Citrus, Floral, Woody, Fresh, Gourmand and many more, all crafted by us to create a unique and exciting range of exceptional fragrances. 

However, if you are looking for something more specific, our Impressions Collection features perfume oils inspired by high-end designer brands like Tom Ford, Creed and Jo Malone.

All of our fragrances use high quality ingredients so you can enjoy the experience of designer scents without designer prices.

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