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Gourmand flavors are unsurprisingly loved by those who love food, but not just any food. Rich, decadent, and sweet dishes, often served with scant regard for consequences, are the best way to describe the Gourmand personality type. People who enjoy the finer things in life and value socializing and communal pursuits are often drawn to these rich, complex scents.

Of course, Gourmand fragrances are not just limited to sweet scents like chocolate and candy floss. Berries, fruits, coffee, almond, and vanilla fragrances are perfect ways to express the life and soul of the party's personality. Sensual, indulgent, and fun, the Gourmand wears a scent that evokes a life well-lived.

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Gourmand Fragrances (6)

Black Heart

16 reviews

Heart Of Gold

11 reviews

Our Impression Of Love Don't Be Shy

7 reviews

Our Impression Of Black Orchid

4 reviews

Our Impression Of New York Nights


Our Impression Of Eros

1 review