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5 Set Bundle For Her - JYCTY

    5 Set Bundle For Her

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    Modern life demands the performance of many roles. Friends, family, work, and romantic relationships all call for expressing different facets of your personality. Sometimes discretion is the best look, while other times, you'll want to make a statement. From floral and bright to deep and mysterious, this bundle contains a fragrance for every occasion and makes a perfect gift for her.

    Heart Of Gold is bright, playful, and bursts with fresh fruit and flowers before drying down into a sensual and luxurious base. It's lively, vibrant, sweet, and versatile enough for any occasion.

    Other times, you'll need something a little more subtle and discerning. Though we wish it could be sunny and bright every day, Black Heart is a deep, gourmand aroma for those darker days. It opens sweetly, but the dominant presence of coffee in the middle notes makes this a sultry, cozy fragrance.

    Lust For Life is a deeply feminine scent that achieves similar goals using different methods. It piques the interest with a burst of lemon and lime. Floral, alluring, and inviting, this playful, flirty scent is perfect for those who love a little attention.

    Amber Luxe is the scent of a fall forest captured in a breeze. It is the perfect scent for a leisurely stroll through a shaded, autumn forest.

    Vanilla Sky completes the bundle, its beguiling mix of cassia root and bergamot top notes soon give way to the warm, comfort of vanilla. Recognized as an aphrodisiac since at least the 18th century, this could prove to be your secret vial of seduction.

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