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How To Apply Perfume Oils the Right Way

by Jason Feldman on March 18, 2021

While most people will be familiar with using atomizers or spray bottle perfume, perfume oils require a somewhat different application process. Many perfume oils come with a rollerball or an application dabber that allows greater precision when applying the skin to the skin.

How To Apply Perfume Oils The Right Way

Before we get into where to apply your oils, it’s worth considering how much fragrance oil you should apply. Because perfume oils are more concentrated than spray bottles, you’ll need to use considerably less to get a similar effect. If you are using a perfume oil that comes with a rollerball, just apply it once or twice over the areas you’d like to choose. However, if your perfume oil comes in a bottle, 2 or 3 drops will do. You can either:
1. Apply 2-3 dabs to your finger and rub that into the areas you’d like to choose
2. Apply 2-3 dabs directly onto the areas and rub it in gently with your hand.

Where To Apply Perfume Oils?

If you want to maximize the effects of perfume oils, the best practice is to apply them directly to your skin — specifically the pulse points. These are areas of the body where the blood is closest to the skin, which means your fragrance will last longer and project well.

  • Wrists Wrists are the most common area where people apply fragrance oil. It’s a generally exposed area of the skin that moves around a lot, which gives you scent some movement throughout the day.
  • Behind The Ears Applying a scent behind the ears is an excellent choice because it’s a naturally oily area that will help the scent diffuse for longer. Also, anyone you choose to hug will be treated to the smell.
  • Neck Similar to behind the ears, the neck is an excellent spot for anyone holding you tight to smell. Additionally, the sides of the neck have carotid arteries that generate heat and help a fragrance project well.
  • Collarbone The collar bone contains a natural depression that helps oils settle in nicely. This is a perfect spot to use if you are wearing a loose fit or open collar top.
  • Inner Elbows The inner elbows are a more subtle pulse point to use and are ideal if you want your fragrance to last longer. Additionally, if you’re a frequent hand-washer — as many of us have become — targeting the inner elbows means you won’t wash your scent off during the day.
  • Behind The Knees Behind the knees — similar to the inner elbows — is all about making the scent stay without you throughout the day. Because this pulse point is warm and soft, they generate the heat that helps project your perfume oil upwards throughout the day.

How To Apply Fragrance Oils: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do: Wash Your Hands Before You Apply It’s best to apply fragrance oils directly to your skin; however, if you use your fingers, make sure to wash them before, as the natural oils can affect the scent.
  • Don’t: Worry About Getting It In Your Hair Because our fragrance oils are alcohol-free, you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair.
  • DO: Apply Right After A Shower The best time to apply perfume oils is straight after a shower. Make sure to towel your skin dry first, and the scent will be brighter and last longer.
  • DON’T: Apply and then rub your wrists Applying oils and rubbing the wrists together activates the top notes. This can make the top notes evaporate quickly, which changes the scent profile of the fragrance.
  • DO: Layer Your Oils If you like to experiment with different fragrances or scents, try layering some complementary fragrances. It’s best to test out some combinations on a sheet of paper first. A good tip is to apply the heavier perfume oil first and then the lighter one on top. There is a bit of trial and error involved, but maybe you’ll come up with something great.
  • DON’T: Apply to Clothing When you find the perfect fragrance oil, it’s only natural to want all of you to smell that way — even your clothes. However, oils and fragrances can mark or damage most fabrics.
  • DO: Apply Early To get the best results, apply perfume oils well before you leave the house. Because perfume oils react to body heat and the natural oils in your skin, applying around 30 minutes before you leave the house gives them enough time to work their magic.
  • DON’T: Use a Scented Moisturizer While applying a moisturizer before you use fragrance oils is a good idea, make sure to select one that is unscented; otherwise, it could clash or interfere with your scent.

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