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What Is Beard Oil and How Does It Work?

by Jason Feldman on January 25, 2021

 What is Beard Oil


Do you have a big and beautiful beard? 

Beards are in trend right now, but it isn't easy to maintain a beard that's smooth, well-groomed, and soft. Do you know how to use beard oil to keep your beard looking nice? 

What is beard oil anyway? Why should you be using it if you already have a good hygiene routine for your beard? 

Let's talk about it! Keep reading to learn why you should add beard oil to your daily grooming regimen. 

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a moisturizing and moisture-trapping oil that you can apply to your beard. These oils are made with softening carrier oils, helpful softening ingredients, and wonderful scents so you can smell fresh all day.

There's a beard oil for every beard owner. Natural beard oil is easy on sensitive skin so you can avoid any unnecessary irritation. For those with animal safety on their mind, vegan beard oil can help them reach their beard goals guilt-free. There's even beard oil for a big beard. 

Think of it like any other kind of skin, hair, or body care.

What Is the Advantage of Beard Oil?

So why bother using beard oil anyway?
There are plenty of advantages to using beard oil, beyond the obvious fact that you'll smell fresh all day long.

Beard oil creates a fuller look. When a beard is scraggly or it's unmoisturized, it can taper off enough that it looks thin and wispy. When you keep your beard smooth with the oil, it gives the beard better shape.

Do you comb your beard? If it's more than a few centimeters long, combing should be a part of your grooming routine. You don't want any knots. Beard oil softens the beard so it's easier to comb and groom. No more tugging on painful tangles. 

Are you invested in your skincare? You should be. With a beard, it's hard to take care of the skin on your chin, but beard oil goes beyond the beard to moisturize your skin. 

How Do I Add Beard Oil to My Routine? 

Now you need to know how to use beard oil in your daily grooming routine. Don't worry, it's easy.

You should use beard oil when your face and beard are clean. If you shampoo your beard, do that first. You want your beard to be primed and ready and your pores to be clean and open. 

When your beard is damp, put a few drops of beard oil into your hands and start running them through the hair, being careful to reach every part of the beard. For better results, comb after you apply the beard hair to make sure it's distributed evenly. 

Then you're ready to style your beard and go! 

Beard Oil Will Change Your Beard for the Better

So, what is beard oil? It's the new best thing in your morning routine. Keep your chin and beard soft and smelling great all day long. You'll notice the difference in your beard in no time. 

Are you looking for the best beard oils for men? Why not check out our shop? We have several vegan and cruelty-free beard oils that can make your scraggly and itchy beard feel renewed and refreshed. If you want quality, .



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