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Choose a Perfume by Personality

by Jason Feldman on April 14, 2021

The process of choosing a perfume involves several factors. Some people choose based upon the season, while for others, age is the determining criteria. Additionally, many choose to pair a perfume to their style and dress sense. However, one of the most enduring ways to select a fragrance is by finding a scent that expresses your personality.

A person's fragrance can tell a lot about their personality. The reasons we are interested in a specific scent can reflect certain character traits. In the same way that colors or style can be seen as extensions of the self, scent can make a statement about mood, nature, or temperament.


If fragrances containing lily of the valley, rose, and jasmine are your go-to scents, then you are definitely a floral lover. People who favor floral aromas are typically feminine, outgoing, and love to explore the outdoors. Lively, bright personalities like this are usually cheerful and down-to-earth, which is reflected in their love of plants and flower scents.

Floral scent lovers are usually optimistic and romantic, with a playful and flirtatious edge. They're not the type to shy away from the spotlight due to their confidence and sweet nature. However, while outgoing and bright, the Floral lover is also said to be reflective, considerate, and sensitive.

Woody scents are sensual and earthy and attract a self-assured character. Unpretentious, relaxed, and casual, these types usually know what they want and aren't afraid to get it. These uncomplicated personas often favor fresh, natural scents. It is often said that Woody scents are enjoyed by a more reserved but curious character.

Rugged men and natural goddesses embrace these durable, long-lasting scents because they echo their own determined and contemplative personalities. If you demand the best from yourself and others, a high-performing woody scent could be a match made in heaven.

Citrus fragrances have a fresh, vibrant, and arresting quality, so it's no surprise that they are loved by outgoing, bright souls. Confident, alpha men and women who enjoy being leaders and taking on challenges are a great match with citrus scents. Crisp, fresh scents like Bergamot and Lime are great representatives of this type of fragrance. Juicy, sweet, and a little acidic, these scents are perfect for bold, strong people with a bit of an edge.

Citrus can express a flirty, feminine personality, which explains their popularity among younger women when paired with more floral notes. Zesty, tangy smells are favored by the ambitious and strong-minded, giving Citrus a broad and versatile appeal.

Spicy scents — often referred to as Oriental — are the realm of a very particular type of personality. These rich, exotic fragrances require a bold, sophisticated wearer. Mysterious, controlled, and slightly dark, these personality types can be slow to reveal too much about themselves when you first meet. However, their love for rich, exotic essences can give them away.

Though warm and opulent, the Spicy perfume wearer chooses to obscure their adventurous nature slightly, leaving some hints and clues for the more observant types.

Gourmand flavors are unsurprisingly loved by those who love food, but not just any food. Rich, decadent, and sweet dishes, often served with scant regard for consequences, are the best way to describe the Gourmand personality type. People who enjoy the finer things in life and value socializing and communal pursuits are often drawn towards these rich, complex scents.

Of course, Gourmand fragrances are not just limited to sweet scents like chocolate and candy floss. Berries, fruits, coffee, almond, and vanilla fragrances are perfect ways to express the life and soul of the party's personality. Sensual, indulgent, and fun, the Gourmand wears a scent that evokes a life well-lived.

The Fresh scent lover has some similarities to those who favor a Citrus fragrance; however, the two should not be confused. While Citrus lovers are visibly outgoing, those who gravitate towards Fresh aromas are more subdued and effortless. Relaxed, carefree, and low-key, Fresh scents are great for quirky, creative types who like to go with the flow.

Fresh scents can be characterized by their clean and subtle notes, reflecting the wearer's unfussy style. Reserved and frequently maternal, the Fresh, airy scents express a gentle, modest, and dreamy character. However, they're no pushovers. Behind this sensitive and tender veneer lies a steely character who can lead in the boardroom and beyond.

Earthy scents are favored by calm, authentic, and thoughtful types. Honest, friendly, and direct, these characters make excellent leaders. Floral and sweet aromas are not for them, as they prefer something a little more savory and refined. This will often be reflected in the food they choose at a restaurant and the fabrics of their clothes. Leather, cotton, and suede are all hallmarks of an Earthy personality.

Gender roles are rarely a concern to these singular individuals, who seek out adventure and sophisticated and rare tastes. Think ouds, darker wood scents, and moss; these Earthy types are self-styled and tend to go against the crowd and prevailing opinion, making them unique and exciting friends.

A Musk scent expresses a sultry and sensual personality. Laidback and confident, the Musk personality types are happy to express themselves and show their character to anyone and everyone. Despite being generally relaxed, Musk lovers can be dramatic and tend to be bold and exciting. Their dress sense tends toward sharp lines and bright colors.

These types are often night owls who like to make a sartorial statement in the evening. Sexy, energetic types gravitate towards these intoxicating and animalistic scents, which can be the perfect illustration of their lively persona. Intense, sweet, and difficult to ignore, when matched with a complementary personality, a Musk fragrance can be exhilarating.

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