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10 Tips on How Smell Great All Day Long

by Jason Feldman on May 14, 2021


Some people manage to smell great all the time. We all know the type, they could have run a marathon or finished a long day working on their feet, and they still come out smelling like roses. However, most of us aren’t that lucky, so we have no choice but to put the work in.

Several factors affect a person's scent, such as diet, hygiene, and even genetics. Some of these factors are in our control, while others are not. So here are some handy tips to make sure you smell great all day long.


1) Diet

Diet has a big impact on how we smell. In fact, it probably has the most considerable influence on our odor. Diets with large amounts of onions, garlic, and spices can affect the breath and bodily smell. This is due to the way the body metabolizes specific foods.

 So, if you want to have a great natural smell, a clean diet with less processed food is a great start. Additionally, eating well helps fragrances react well with your skin. So plenty of nuts, fruits, and vegetables are essential for creating the right conditions for a scent.

 Conversely, fast food, alcohol, and excessive dairy can all contribute to a poor odor that remains present even with a good perfume on top.




2) Care For Your Clothes

You can smell great, but if your clothes don't, it won't matter. Taking care of your clothes is crucial in the battle to smell great all day long. The easy part is not wearing items for too many days, but how you wash and dry your clothes is also important.

 Using a suitable fabric softener and powder will make sure your clothes have a pleasant scent. Many of these detergents are modeled after fresh or floral fragrances. Additionally, if you are hanging your clothes to dry indoors, remember they will absorb scents. Environments that are smoky, damp, or are used for a lot of cooking are not ideal for clothes.


3) Stay Hydrated

Keeping hydrated is a vital aspect of any diet. It can boost your health, sleep, and cognition. Crucially, it is also better for any fragrance you wear. If your skin becomes too dry, it soaks up and evaporates the perfume quickly.

 Drinking water and a strict moisturizing regime can help you have the kind of skin that reacts well to your fragrance.


4) Consider a Dry Shampoo

Many types of hair don't tend to do well with daily washes. For some people, daily hair washing can cause damaged hair and a dry scalp. However, if you are out and about a lot, it can cause your hair to become greasy and to smell bad.

 Dry shampoo is an excellent alternative that helps you stay fresh throughout the day. These shampoos can come with scents that compliment your signature fragrance and can be applied in the morning and then in the afternoon if you have evening engagements.


5) Keep Your Feet Smelling Good

Many people have foot odor issues. And it’s no surprise; we keep them wrapped up in socks and shoes, unable to breathe for large portions of the day. This might have been less of a problem in the past, but with more and more houses becoming "shoes off," stinky feet can lead to some embarrassing moments.

 To solve this problem, a little talcum powder can keep your feet nice and dry. Keep a little jar in your bag and apply it during the day to keep your feet smelling fresh, no matter what happens.

6) Apply Fragrances Throughout the Day

Different fragrances have varying longevity. If you want to smell great for a few hours, most perfumes can achieve this. However, if you want to smell great all day, consider using perfume oils.

 Because many spray-on perfumes contain alcohol, they evaporate quickly. However, roll-on, alcohol-free perfume oils stick around for far longer — especially if they have high concentrations like our scents.

Fragrance oils are better than their spray-on, alcohol-based alternatives because instead of drying the skin, they moisturize it, helping the scent stick around for longer.

 So, if you want to smell great during the whole day, figure out the longevity of your fragrance, and schedule top-ups at the right time.

7) Apply Fragrances to Pulse Points

Knowing which pulse points to target is essential to guaranteeing fragrance longevity. The pulse points are the areas where the blood is closest to the skin. So, if you want your scent to react best, apply it to the:

  • Neck
  • Behind the ears
  • Chest
  • Wrist
  • Elbow pit
  • Behind the knees
  • Ankles

8) Put in the Work to Find the Best Fragrance for You

Fragrances can become quite altered once they hit an individual's skin. This is due to how they counteract with our natural skin oils, meaning that one scent can smell amazing on one person but uninspired on another.

 Perfume manufacturers know this, and as a result, they offer plenty of ways for consumers to try out fragrances. Finding the right scent is about more than just knowing which one suits your personality and mood. Testing each fragrance for how it works with your skin is vital.

 Trying out 1-2ml samples on your skin during the day and waiting for 30 minutes can give you a good idea. Specific scents smell great on first application but dry down into something far less attractive on your skin. The best thing to do is to experiment.

9) Use Perfume Oils

One of the fascinating things about a great scent is that it's ephemeral. Our skin tends to struggle to hold on to fragrances for too long. Dry skin especially struggles to keep smells, which makes fragrance oils the perfect solution.

 If you want to smell great all day long, spray-on alcohol perfumes will only disappoint. Perfume oils use higher concentrations of perfume, which means their results last from 6-15 hours. This is a vast upgrade on the 2-3 hours that conventional fragrances manage.

 Additionally, because they are alcohol-free, the benefits go past longevity. Perfume oils are kinder to your skin, omit a cleaner, more natural scent, and keep your natural oils intact.


10) Make Sure Your Environment Smells Great

Your environment affects how you smell. If you want to smell beautiful all day long, you need to take control of your surroundings. If you work long shifts at a fish processing factory or a waste management facility, you may be out of luck. Fortunately, most modern work environments are a little easier to manage.

 One area you can make sure smells lovely all the time is your home. So along with a tip-top hygiene routine that involves washing your teeth twice or more a day, flossing, and frequent showers, there are some extra options you can employ.

 Change your bed sheets frequently, and use candles and aromatizers in your bathroom. Burn incense and keep flowers and plants around. Make sure you regularly air out your home to keep it smelling great. All of these scents contribute in their own ways to how you and your clothes smell during the day.








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