The Best Beard Oil for Growth in 2021

on August 11, 2021


Beard Oil Canada

Beard oils are an excellent product to use for growing facial hair. In this article, we'll take a look at our best beard oils, how they work, and explain some of the benefits of beard oil for men. Finally, we help you if you are looking for where to buy beard oil at our perfume store, JYCTY.


Do Beard Oils Help With Beard Growth?

A lot of people ask the question, "will beard oils help my beard grow?" The answer is yes, depending on what you mean by grow.

Anyone looking for a miracle product that will help them grow a full, bushy beard in a matter of days will be disappointed. That's not possible with our current technology.

However, if you're looking for a product that will create the best conditions for healthy beard growth, then beard oil is what you're looking for. For a strong and healthy beard, you’ll need to reduce hair breakage, which is similar to split-ends. Using a high-end beard oil means you'll have a fuller, thicker beard.

In summary, beard oil won't help your beard grow quicker, but it will help it grow thicker and healthier.

How do Beard Oils Work?

Beard oils work by naturally moisturizing the skin underneath the beard. This process sets the scene for better growth by removing impediments to growth like dead skin cells. Some of the essential ingredients that are found in JYCTY beard oils are:

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Vitamin E

The best beard oils open the hair pores on the face, improving the elasticity of beard hair. This process stimulates beard growth. The oils and vitamins listed above also work to repair the damage done to facial hair's cellular membrane. Regular application of beard oil leads to a more robust, more resilient beard. 

Finally, beard oils also help with the irritating itching that can occur when you're growing in a beard.

When to Use Beard Oils?

Beard oils should be used daily. The skin underneath the beard needs to be hydrated to make sure the beard grows through well. The best time to apply beard oil is after a shower first thing in the morning. Another great time to use beard oil is just before bed after the beard has been washed and dried.

A lot of people think that beard oils are only for beards that are already grown. This belief, however, is untrue. Beard oils are an excellent choice for the early days of a beard when the facial hair is just about there. Because beard oil is a moisturizer, nourishing the skin and the early hairs will help the beard grow strong and healthy. 

How To Apply?

To achieve a healthy and robust beard, we recommend putting a small amount of beard oil into your palms. Apply this oil into the roots of the beard and across its entire length. Be careful not to use an excessive amount, as this can clog pores and cause irritation on the face. Finally, if you have a beard comb, use it to distribute the oil, meaning the full beard benefits from the oil.

Of course, if your beard feels a little dry throughout the day, apply a little more oil to keep it moist. 

Benefits of JYCTY Beard Oils

#1. Anti-Itching

Itching from growing a bear is a common issue. Typically, it's caused by dry skin underneath the bear. By applying anti-itch beard oil, you can hydrate the skin, ensuring smooth and soft feeling skin.

#2. Vegan and Cruelty-Free

JYCTY's only makes vegan beard oil. All of our ingredients are responsibly sourced and come in glass bottles to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment. Additionally, all our oils are cruelty-free, meaning that no animal testing takes place across our entire supply chain, from making our fragrances, right down to any of the third-party suppliers we use to source ingredients. 

#3. Kinder to Your Skin

JYCTY uses high-quality oils that are kind to your skin. Additionally, all our fragrances and oils are alcohol-free, making them kinder to your skin and suitable for those with skin sensitivity.

#4. Tidier Beard

Beard oil is an excellent treatment for dry skin; however, you can also use it to keep flyaway hairs in place, contributing to a tidier beard. Oils condition and soften facial hair, which makes it easier to manage. This treatment means you can more easily shape and style your beard. 

#5. Great Smell

Having a great-looking beard is one thing, but why stop there? JYCTY beard oils are not just kind to your skin and the environment; they also smell great. Our range of refined beard oils are a perfect way to give your beard an extra element of attraction.

Where to Buy Beard Oil

Three Recommended Beard Oils


JYCTY Original | Clean Cut Beard Oil

JYCTY original Clean Cut Beard Oil is a classic barbershop smell for the sophisticated whiskered gent. This scent is rounded out by a classy, woody base with citrus top notes and a soothing lavender and vetiver heart base.


JYCTY Original | Ride Or Die Beard Oil

JYCTY's original Ride or Die Beard Oil is an excellent beard oil for men. This anti-itch beard oil keeps the skin hydrated and soft, allowing the best growth. Ride or Die is a unique fresh citrus and wood fragrance, with sparkling tops notes of bergamot, neroli, and lime.


JYCTY Original | Happy Valley Beard Oil

JYCTY's original Happy Valley is an earthy and woody beard oil for the man with a lumberjack soul. Great for healthy growth, this scent will keep your beard smelling fresh with bracing, outdoor top notes of ginger, elemi, and black pepper. Heart notes of lavender and coriander, with woody base notes, make this a beard oil for the outdoor types.



Beard oils for men are a great way to grow a healthier and stronger beard. Keeping the skin under the beard moist helps promote the best conditions for growing facial hair. Additionally, JYTCY beard oils keep the growth soft, tidy and smelling great. We are proud to offer wide range of beard oils and also vegan beard oils. 


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